Drum scanning offers the highest quality of analog-to-digital negative conversion available today, and our Howtek Scanmaster 7500 meets these claims. Unlike CCD flatbed scanners, drum scanners use PMT (photo multiplier tube) technology which scans originals on a point-by-point basis with the ability to match an appropriate aperture to the grain/surface of the original. The scanner is run via Aztek’s DPL software allowing the operator to adjust the on-board digital analog converter to match the density range of the original. The result is a “raw” file with a full range of tonality without any adjustments in post-production. The software also allows for the full 5k optical resolution of the scanner at any size original with no output file size limitations. 

Our scanner can accommodate transparent originals up to 8x10 and reflective originals up to 17x22. All transparencies are fluid mounted for optimal results using Lumina mounting fluid, a non-oil based solution safe for all transparent media.

For more information or to request a production quote, please contact us at info@f6o4.com.