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The longevity of inkjet prints has advanced greatly and now offer archival permanence rivalling, and in some cases surpassing, traditional analog media. However, unlike traditional photographic materials with an embedded emulsion, the image of an inkjet print sits on the surface of the paper making it more prone to scratching, fingerprints, and watermarks. Finishing your inkjet print with a protective coating has the advantage of increasing is surface abrasion resistance, helps prevent color fading, and can eliminate gloss differential.  

While always open to the requests and preferences of our clients, we have used Hahnemühle Protective spray coat with great success as it is non-yellowing and does not change the surface appearance of the paper. Our spray booth can accommodate pieces as large as 60x98" where protective coating is applied with an HVLP gun.

For more information or to request a production quote, please contact us at info@f6o4.com.