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Studio f6o4 was founded with the purpose of creating the highest quality, mural-scale silver gelatin prints possible. Our horizontal Durst and DeVere enlargers project against a custom 6x12' Refrema vacuum wall through Rodagon-G series reproduction lenses and are powered by custom Heiland Electronic cold light LED light sources. Prints up to 30x40” are archivally processed by hand in trays, where as mural-sized prints are fabricated using our proprietary “one-tray” process that allows for a variety of toning applications, executed to archival standards. 

Whether your project is a series of small handheld prints or a mural-sized installation, we have the experience and expertise to help you realize your vision. To request a production quote and/or to inquire about photographic commissions and salable work, please contact us at

Analog Printing Services

  • Reproduction of originals from 35mm to 12x16”

  • Hand processed fiber based silver gelatin prints up to 52x80” on Ilford Warmtone paper

  • Development in both off the shelf and custom formulated developers

  • Custom archival toning with selenium, sepia, and gold chloride (multi-toning available on request)